Commonwealth by Century also introduces extended balconies for every unit. Each balcony dovetails into a unique chevron layout that creates a pocket of private space. This outdoor space makes your home truly special as it is expansive enough to serve as an extended living room for guests, or a personal garden for residents. This unique unit layout truly maximizes the indoor/ outdoor living experience

uncommon spaces

Each unit in every tower reflects a keen understanding of the economies of space with true usability in every layout. The angled and shallow floor plates are optimized for daylight penetration and natural ventilation and also provide opportunities for diverse viewing angles either out over the central open space or onto the adjacent periphery of the site.

unit types

  1. Suite (model unit)
  2. Suite (standard bare)
  3. 1-Bedroom (living room, dining, kitchen, br)
  4. 1- Bedroom (standard bare unit)
  5. 2- Bedroom (living room, dining, kitchen, kid’s room, balcony)
  6. Unit specs

typical floorplan

Typical Floor Plan (6th Floor)

Typical Floor Plan (8th Floor)


The Residences at Commonwealth by Century masterplan