All the towers at Commonwealth by Century will encircle a truly majestic central amenity that serves as the centerpiece of the entire masterplan.

This fully landscaped and waterscaped nature park is divided into three sections with water and its escalating energies as its theme.


The Commonwealth Pool

The calm water manifests as a wading pool within peaceful reflecting gardens that form at the northernmost point of the development.

Adjacent to this is the clubhouse with full fitness center, spa and not one but two full-size indoor and outdoor basketball courts.


The Commonwealth Rapids

Water intensifies at the Rapids with Commonwealth by Century’s second pool area. The heightened energy of the water stimulates and quickens the senses.

Designed specifically for water sports like water volleyball, water basketball and children’s play, the Rapids will truly be a place of movement and grace.


The Commonwealth Falls

At the very foot of the development forms the spot for every resident’s true Instagram moment. Gushing water rushes down in cascades from rocks and boulders in this intensely energizing waterfall.